Terms and conditions


Hobbizer is an intermediary between professionals who propose and sell activities in Paris and its region and individuals who wish to book activities in Paris and its region.
Hobbizer also offers different services: restaurant booking and search for accommodations
Hobbizer may act at any time on behalf of the client as a intermediary.


The prices of the activities and services offered by hobbizer are indicated in euro all taxes included.
All orders are payable in Euros.
Hobbizer reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but the product will be invoiced based on the tariff valid at the time of validation.


Orders are only online on www.hobbizer.com and only via a credit card.
To order activities and services offered by hobbizer, the user must make the payment by credit card on a secured page of our banking partner OGONE.
This payment allows the hobbizer company to send a banking authorization request to the user's bank.
No amount is charged on the user's credit card at the time of ordering and payment. The debit of the card is only done the order is validated by hobbizer.
Any order made on the hobbizer website assumes the adherence to these Terms and Conditions. Any confirmation of order implies your full and complete adhesion to the present general conditions of sale, without exception or reserve.
The confirmation of order will be worth signing and acceptance of the operations carried out.


Hobbizer can not guarantee the availability of the activities offered on its website, on the dates selected by the user. The availability is verified and confirmed by hobbizer after the user validates the order.


Hobbizer collects the full amount of the order as soon as the availability of the activities has been confirmed by the partners.
If the activities chosen by the internet user are not available on the selected dates, no payment will be collected by hobbizer and the transaction will be canceled.
If the activities selected by the internet user are available, the credit card used for payment will be debited less than one week after the date of the order placed by the user.


No right of withdrawal is applicable for the activities or services which are provided for at a specific date.


7.1. Cancellation of activities by the user before the agreed date and time of the reserved activities
To cancel an activity before its arrival, the user must write to contact@hobbizer.com to request the cancellation and explain the reasons.
The conditions of cancellation and refund are those proposed by the partners and are specified in the description of each activity on the site Hobbizer.com. By accepting the hobbizer's Terms and Conditions, the user accepts the terms and conditions of each partner.
In the case of a refund request following a cancellation, hobbizer will apply the refund conditions of the partner concerned.
Hobbizer does not refund organization and booking fees

7.2. No presentation of the user to a booked activity.
If a ticket or activity is booked for a specific date and time and the visitor does not show up or arrives late, hobbizer will not be able to refund the activity or ticket.

7.3. Cancellation of a service hobbizer by the customer ("find me a restaurant", "find me a hotel", "where to go to Paris?")
Hobbizer does not refund the extra services offered on its website. Indeed, despite the cancellation, the work and the searches were carried out by hobbizer and therefore the service is in any case delivered, even if the customer cancels his stay.

7.4. Cancellation of an activity by hobbizer or by a hobbizer’s partner.
If a partner cancels an activity or is not able to deliver the service sold, hobbizer agrees to refund the entire amount of the activity (including booking fees).


Once payment has been made by the user and his credit card debited for one or many activities, HOBBIZER must deliver to the customer:
Tickets to get to the activity
A roadbook
These documents can not be provided more than two months before the date of the booked activities.


The conditions of accessibility and access to activities are specified on each description of activities selected by the customer. It is the user's responsibility to inquire about the access conditions of the activities.


The hobbizer company is an intermediary between the customer and the supplier of products. Consequently, whatever the reason, the hobbizer company is exempted from all responsibility for the execution of the contract of sale and the delivery of the goods and services ordered. Only the responsibility of the provider or supplier can be incurred.
Hobbizer shall not be liable for any accidents, injuries, damages, losses, delays, irregularities, damages, additional expenses or inconveniences during the customer's stay caused directly or indirectly by any actions or events which are unpredictable 

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